Jessica Hughes Photography | About

Hi guys!  Thanks for inquiring and wandering your way over to the section that I dread writing the most.  Ha!  My name is Jessica, already knew that.  See?  No one is hiring me to write for them professionally.  Anyways, I'm just a small town, ambivert that at times can be the biggest social butterfly and then switch into full on hermit mode.  I love all things beauty related, traveling, exercise, fashion, and wine night with my gal pals.  I'm also a huge fur baby lover and kiddos, newborn to high school seniors, just melt my heart.  


Let's move on to writing about my favorite subject: my family.  I am married to an insurance agent (part-time baseball coach), I have two awesome kiddos that are my reason, a huge cat and unruly dog that I like to Instagram far too much.  The hubs and kiddos are, like, BIG TIME sports fans, and you can usually find me tagging along at the games cheering, taking pics, lots of talking...and asking my fellow Wildcat fans, "What's the score again?".


So how did I get here?  Well, I started my photography journey after taking a film class at my local community college.  I was working for a local newspaper and had a toddler at home, but I ALWAYS had an interest in photography.  I borrowed my dad's old Minolta camera, which I had NO clue how to work, and before you know it I was imagining a career for myself that I thought was just a dream.  I continued my education working with my awesome photography teacher shooting weddings part-time.  Can't even tell you how much that helped me grow as a photographer because let me tell you, you learn things shooting a wedding that can't be taught in any classroom.  I had some crazy busy years raising kids, full-time job, starting my photography business, my husband started his own insurance agency, and second shooting weddings in my free time. {Good thing I was young, I'm tired just typing that.}  I finally threw myself out there and quit my newspaper gig to start something that I am proud of today.  I still pinch myself that I actually DID IT and am still running my business successfully.


In closing, hahaha....just kidding, that's an inside joke with my super sassy teenager.  But, really, please take a look around my site, look at the pretty people on my blog, and give them some comment love. Thank you for your interest and I truly hope to meet and work with you.